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"There's a little Aviana in all of us!"

Our Story

Aviana the Label was born in March 2021 during a long weekend away between a Niece and her Aunt.

One tired of not being able to buy sexy, bold, eye-catching and quality fashion tights in Australia and the other, tired of abandoning her own fashion identity to conform to societal expectations. 

Together, they've created a fashion-forward legwear label designed to encourage women to embrace their femininity and sensuality.

Our Mission

To empower women to be more confident, surrender to their femininity and de-stigmatise societal fashion expectations. 

Our Vision

For every woman to be fearless with their fashion choices and to be true to their own fashion identity at all times. 

Who is Aviana?


She's strong, determined, confident and beautiful and she values her freedom of choice and expression.  She fiercely stands up for what she believes in with an inner strength that exudes the true nature of a modern day boss lady.  Her infectious smile and persona owns any room leaving others longing for more.  She's not afraid to turn heads with her effortless style purely driven by having the confidence to own her own inner beauty. She's borderline intimidating but deep down, she's  a sweet, kind, caring, positive and spirited fashionista with a pure, warm heart that every woman wants to be or be around.

Some days she plays it safe and other days she’s edgy and sexy AF.


"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." - Sophia Loren


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